Hampton Luxury Liner Safety Program  

Safety has never been more important than it is now. Hampton Luxury Liner has taken a proactive stance on safety throughout it’s thirty five year history. We believe it is important that a company not just make a general statement that they are “safe.” There must be quantifiable steps that the company takes which involves a tremendous amount of time, financial investment, technology, and management development. The following are key areas that Hampton Luxury Liner focuses on every day to make every passenger as safe as possible on every trip. Hampton Luxury Liner’s Safety Director and staff utilize the best technology and real world experience to continually improve our process of keeping our customers safe.


Mobile Technical Solutions – for Security and Safety
Keeping Our Eyes on the Driver and in the Motorcoach When Travelling

Mobile Technical Solutions is an interior camera system that provides real time on-demand viewing into each motorcoach allowing Operations the ability to view what is going on inside the motorcoach at any time from any computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone, or any smart phone, at any time as long as you have an internet connection.

We have two Mobile Technical Solutions cameras installed in all our motorcoaches. Mobile Technical Solutions has proven to be an asset to our operation. Mobile Technical Solutions allows us to address any problematic driving habits and potentially catch an accident before it happens. We now have the ability to take a particular driver and retrain them on any problem areas with their driving. Most of these habits would have gone unnoticed, unless tripped by the event recorder. Our customers and drivers also feel a great sense of security as they know the drivers and the interior of the bus are being monitored. Mobile Technical Solutions is a win, win for everyone involved.

How we use Mobile Technical Solutions to help us…

  • Ensure drivers do not use cellphone or text while driving.
  • View and control a medical issue or problem on the motorcoach.
  • Check to see if driver is using seatbelt, is in full uniform, assisting passengers get on and off motorcoach, etc..
  • Verify driver or customers complaints and/or incident.

IDrive– Professional Event Recorder
Helps to Analyze Driving Events for Training Driving Staff

Idrive is a Professional Event Data Recorder system for vehicles which can capture high definition videos, both of the front of the vehicle and the interior, using a dual camera device and records when an event occurs, including: accidents, aggressive driving behavior, door open event or panic (after pressing the specially designed panic button).

The videos are stored on internal memory together with other information like G-force values, GPS coordinates, date, time and more, all collected from the device. The transfer to the I drive Base Station or to a specific network is made using wireless or USB. The I drive dual camera device is designed to be mounted to the windshield, behind the rear view mirror.

The system is managed by simple, intuitive and powerful software - Idrive Control Center - that includes a Transfer Application for communication between the I drive dual camera device and the computer using WiFi or USB, a database manager for videos and a player that synchronize the videos. The player allows the user to zoom, pan, advance frame by frame, expand video full size, view as full screen and save frame as an image.

Driving Simulator
Giving New and Experienced Motorcoach Operators the Best Possible Training

On January 15, 2009 Captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger piloting US Airways flight 1549 made a split second decision to land his aircraft in the Hudson River and saved the lives of 155 passengers. When asked how he was able to make such a monumental decision he indicated the countless training hours he spent on an airline simulator prepared him for that moment.

Motorcoach Operators should have the same level of safety training in both philosophy and technology as Captain Sully received. The risk of driving is simulated. The benefits are real.

The benefits of the Driving Simulator are considerable:

  • The real experiences every motorcoach driver could encounter on the road including up to 22 road hazards.
  • Identifying bad driving behaviors and habits before doing them on the road.
  • Improving driver awareness of surrounding.
  • Increasing “situational” awareness.
  • Improving your drivers thinking process to prepare for upcoming challenges.
  • Building confidence through practice controlled scenarios.
  • Receive score card through a formal assessment procedure.
  • Recording of driver while on simulator experiencing hazards.


Safety Leader of the Year for 2010 at the UMA Motorcoach Expo

William Schoolman was presented with the Safety Leader of the Year award during the Motorcoach Expo January 23, 2011. The award recognizes an individual who is actively engaged in the industry and who has demonstrated achievements for their company and/or industry. Candidates are nominated by their peers. Schoolman was honored to be awarded this distinction, “I am thrilled to be recognized by the UMA for our accomplishments in using technology for improving safety in the Motorcoach transportation. We will always continue to pursue safety advancements for the benefit of our customers.”